Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is UbixOS?
    • UbixOS is a new, scalable high performance desktop operating system with all the essentials to allow for easy and rapid application development.
  • When can we expect to see UbixOS released for purchase?
    • We anticipate a full scale roll out of UbixOS Boxes to be in January of 2005, with beta releases at all stages of development. If you would like to see the development process unfold, or just want to see where we’re at, there is a list of current projects here.
  • Why are you making UbixOS?
    • We feel that the current available operating systems are inadequate, and that these are unavoidable problems with the prevalent attitude of building on top of existing technology.
  • What makes UbixOS immune to those problems?
    • The fact that UbixOS is an entirely new operating system, built from the ground up with the user and today’s technology in mind.
  • Will UbixOS work with my other computers?
    • Of course we recommend that your home or office network be homogenous systems, as it will create a more fluid and functional working environment. However we insist on making UbixOS able to understand and work with both competing and pre-existing technology, as well as share files among other operating systems.

We are working on the capability of converting various files between UbixOS and other systems, expect more details on this matter with version 2.0