Announcing UbixOS 1.24 Release

The UbixOS team has been working hard and are excited to announce UbixOS 1.24-CHROMA.

This release provides many bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. The chroma branch is still considered experimental and can/will change over time as well as stability is not guaranteed.

What’s new in UbixOS 1.24-CHROMA


Improved POSIX/BSD Layer

The ABI is no longer shared between UbixOS native binaries and *BSD binaries. During load and execution calls are routed to the correct application interface.

Improved POSIX compliance allowing for easier portability of existing applications and libraries to be ported over.

BSD Layer can now natively run many FreeBSD binaries.


Rebirth of the SDE and objGFX 4.0

The objGFX 4.0 library has been merged into the code base to provide vast improvements to SDE and applications looking to take advantage of the graphical interface.

The SDE has been improved to no longer poll applications to check their status and test to see if they should be redrawn, it now accepts events to cause a redraw.



There have been several bug fixes on the MPI to improve stability particularly where 64bit message codes were randomly being truncated.


IP Stack

LwIP 2.0.3 has been merged into this branch.

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